Fire Service Educators offers a wide range of course
offerings to meet the needs of Fire Departments,
EMS Squads, and Businesses.
Fire Service Educators Instructor Dean Ericson provides
fire extinguisher training with employees from Bedford
Ambulatory Surgical Center in Bedford, NH.
A full listing of available classes can be found below. If you
do not see a program that interests you,  let us know and
we will custom design a training program to meet the
needs of your Fire Department, EMS Squad, or Business.
                    Fire Training Programs
                            1403 Live Burns
      NH Firefighter 1                                NH Firefighter 2
      Engine Company Operations             Ladder Company Operations
      Rapid Intervention                             Search & Rescue
      Incident Command                            Accountability
      Automobile Extrication                      Hazardous Materials
      Leadership Training                           Rural Water Supply
      Firefighter Safety & Survival               Basic & Advanced Pumps
      Heights Rescue                                   Below Grade Rescue
      Thermal Imagery                                Fire Ground Operations
Fire Service Educators firefighter 1 student Amanda Cote maneuvers
through the entanglement prop with a blanked out face piece as part
of an SCBA confidence course in Sullivan, NH May 2006.
                   EMS Training Programs

   EMT Basic                                           EMT Intermediate
   EMT & EMT- I Refreshers                  EMS Continuing Education
   Automobile Extrication                         Mass Casualty Training
   AHA Health Care Provider CPR           EMS Incident Command              
Fire Service Educators Instructors provide Auto Extrication
training at the Meadowood Fire School, September 2005.
              Industrial Training Programs

Portable Fire Extinguishers               Leadership in the work place
  American Heart Association CPR      Defibrillator Training
 Hazardous Materials Training            Lock out Tag out      
Fire Service Educators provides portable fire extinguisher training to
employees at BASC in Bedford, NH.
Fire Service Educators LLC
PO Box 154
Keene, NH 03431
Phone: 603-521-4644
Fire Service
Firefighters from
Marlborough NH make a
grab in a search and
rescue operation.
Firefighter 1 Students
from Chesterfield, NH go
through the procedures
for checking a downed
firefighter as part of RIT
Training in Sullivan, NH
May 2006.
Chesterfield NH Firefighter
& Fire Service Educators
Firefighter 1 Student
Jessica MaCleod sets a
new Fire Service
Educators record in the
1000lb drill. FF. MaCleod
made 1000psi in her SCBA
last 1 hour and 7mins.